Security In Design

Security in Design captures the skills and lessons learnt from Crime Prevention, Architectural liaison, Environmental Crime Reduction and Counter Terrorism Security. It culminates to offer a package of recommendations and advice which if incorporated into designs is proven to reduce both opportunity and impact across a whole breadth of scenarios.

Well-designed security whether it be through environmental or physical security systems, minimise risks that could threaten businesses, public facilities or individual dwellings. Considering the layout of a new urban or commercial development is often the most easily overlooked approach to improving security. SIDOS team members are experts in this field across all elements of delivery and involvement at the earliest stage which ensures the desired outcome.

Architects have a vision of what they would like to deliver in appearance and functionality SIDOS will work to incorporate security while maintaining the concept.

Engineers have the task of calculating the requirements to provide the building or facility to ensure it can both be constructed and can withstand all the challenges which may be asked of it.

Security Specialists have the role of providing appropriate and proportionate levels of physical security which are dovetailed and incorporated into the designs, bringing together Architecture and Engineering holistically and entirely.

We as Security Specialists...

...will work with you to design the best and most cost-effective solution for your organisation, urban planning or private dwelling. Using an array of tried and tested strategies; we can help protect people, property and profits in everyday situations.

The earlier security design is incorporated, the more effective it will be, and inclusions can be made in an as unobtrusive manner as practicable. Early engagement becomes particularly relevant for residential and iconic buildings where comprehensive security is required but needs to be discreet and sometimes even invisible.

SIDOS prefer to become involved at the conceptual design stage of a building or development. However, it is recognised that this is not always practicable and even if the design is underway, inception at a later stage can still bring valuable benefits. We will help to remove crime opportunities and risk, thus safeguarding your operating environment, investment or household.

Providing bespoke advice to each project, taking each element of development SIDOS is always able to ensure that appropriate, realistic and proportionate measures are recommended for inclusion.

SIDOS UK Ltd - Security and Fire Excellence awards Finalists 2018
SIDOS UK Ltd - Security and Fire Excellence awards Finalists 2019

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