Security Consultants in Crime and Terrorism Risks

SIDOS can ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to any project, whether that be National Infrastructure, education establishment, a corporate organisation or an individual. The team can respond with the same degree of attention providing considered and appropriate security recommendations.

With in-depth knowledge and recognised level of expertise in the field of transport infrastructure projects delivering proportionate degrees of security, it is suggested that any rail project will benefit from the involvement of SIDOS in reviewing designs.

UK Home Office Centre of Excellence

All key staff members were trained at the UK Home Office Centre of Excellence thus ensuring tried and tested methodologies are delivered for the client's benefit and provide assurance of a high-quality approach.

Expert Witness service

Incidents of terrorism are thankfully rare, unfortunately, crime and antisocial behaviour occur with far more frequency. SIDOS will provide an independent physical security review of the environment and measures in place where the incident took place. The service will be completed by Suitably Qualified Experienced persons and be a comprehensive site analysis with a view to identifying the vulnerability and residual risk to victims which may support liability claims. 

Security Review Service

With more companies, sports venues, education establishments and public space management receiving advice and recommendations relating to security SIDOS offer a review service providing a pragmatic and proportionate opinion of the physical security measures being proposed by services or consultancies. The location will be considered from a Threat Vulnerability and Risk perspective    

Project Design Support services

The depth and breadth of assignments having been extensive, ranging from advising subtle crime prevention advice within new build housing development too critical infrastructure facilities requiring specialist counter-terrorism security measures gives SIDOS the knowledge and expertise to provide an expert witness service.

From the simplest to the most complex of venue or site concerning the diversity of security a comprehensive and complete service can be provided auditing physical security either following an incident or as an audit of the recommendations being requested. Members of the SIDOS team who are real specialists in this field will complete a comprehensive review as to whether the physical security was appropriate or would msot likley result in a reduction or mitigation of the threat.

Providing a unique crucially important link between client, architecture design and where necessary specialist structural engineers, a specialism achieved through appreciating all the requirements and intents at the earliest opportunity.


SIDOS staff were the clients security advisor to the London Crossrail project as well as projects across the UK. SIDOS was selected to be the security consultant for Sydney Metro stations design and in this role set the security requirements and ensured incorporation in the delivered designs.

Having been engaged in many hostile vehicle mitigation projects including St Pancras, Kings Cross, Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street and Edinburgh railway stations the team have shown highly competent in this field of security. Delivering comprehensive vehicle assessments on complicated sites including Alexandra Palace, Meadow Hall Shopping Centre, City of London and Cardiff City centre and Bay area has led SIDOS UK Ltd to be contacted for involved locations seeking to intricate threat mitigation while understanding the overall environment.

Key Director Profiles

Linda Stevens - Managing Director

Linda Stevens is the Managing Director of SIDOS (UK) who advises on all aspects of Security in Design and Crime Risk Reduction.

Having attended the Home Office Crime Prevention College for training in both Crime Prevention and Architectural liaison she is both experienced and qualified to provide advice. A former police officer, who was responsible for delivering these specialisms to all types of business clients, private individuals and public sector including hospitals; schools, and university complexes.

She has been a principal factor in the improvement of crime prevention through environmental design on many projects over an extended period. The ability to engage all the many stakeholders associated with significant developments has resulted in delivering a much-improved secure regime. Linda has provided with adeptness and respect when employed on highly sensitive projects while still ensuring a holistic improvement in security is achieved.

Linda specialises in advising on residential and commercial security using both subtle natural defence methodologies resulting in effective protection pleasing both architects and clients alike. Working in and around listed properties and in conservation areas requires skill together with an ability to appreciate the aesthetics and ambience when delivering practical security solutions.

Linda has experience in advising on large scale residential as well as commercial situations such as international pharmaceutical companies on all aspects of security, including high-level protection of the associated laboratories.

Having co-written a national publication, Linda has provided invaluable assistance to architects, developers and local planners in Crime Prevention through Design.

Chris Stevens - Technical Security Director

Chris Stevens CSyP F.ISRM MSc. BSc (Hons) LCGI CCGI is the Technical Security Director within SIDOS UK. He studied part-time for an MSc in Security Studies and a BSc in ‘Policing’ graduating with a 2:1. Awarded Chartered Security Professional Status in 2019 Chris is acknowledged as an expert in his field of physical security. 

He attended the Home Office Crime Reduction College for both Crime Reduction and Architectural liaison. He holds City and Guilds certification for Crime Reduction through Environmental Design and Licentiateship in Counter Terrorism Security Management.

Having received training with the Royal Engineers on hostile and defensive search methodology, Chris was active in this role for over ten years. He has attended terrorist incidents in the very early stages and has been engaged in research and development in specialist fields for many years.

Chris has played a crucial role in professionally bridging between architectural concepts and client requirements, often proposing solutions and compromises which have still maintained the necessary high level of security which purposefully addresses risks in cost-effective and realistic manners.

He has interacted with suppliers to develop point-fixed glazing and patent glazing systems to achieve blast resistance. His promoting and supporting the use of innovative products has enabled security to be improved while still delivering the architectural vision.

Chris brings a wealth of experience in providing a breadth of security advice and recommendations, particularly to the transport industry within the UK. Although specialising in rail, he has been engaged in hubs at airports and other land transport forms.

Advising on many station refurbishments has only been one part of the experience Chris brings to future projects. He has recommended on the security aspects of Critical National Infrastructure locations throughout the UK, as well as some hotels and large-scale residential developments.

Currently, he is engaged in the Crossrail project, the delivery of a new railway through central London as the sole Project Technical Security Advisor. Alongside this, he was the exclusive advisor in the early design stage of the Sydney Metro project in the Australian City.

Crossrail infrastructure and station designs; The Shard of Glass and Alexander Palace, created challenges when considering and advising on security measures.

He was involved in the review of train rolling stock design during 2005 – 2010 with attention to minimising casualty numbers through recommending security improvements.

Chris has been a regular presenter at Counter Terror and Transport conferences and Chaired at UK Security, CPNI and RSES.

He was the co-author of an International publication on the design of railway stations and the 2012 First Ed. Security in Design of Stations UK Government publication. Chris has published by invitation in three journal publications in 2015 and a further two in 2016. He has been invited to prepare a paper for Crossrail with regards Station Design incorporating security. Chris has sat on some European Council funded security related projects and remains actively engaged in research to improve overall security environments.

SIDOS UK Ltd - Security and Fire Excellence awards Finalists 2018
SIDOS UK Ltd - Security and Fire Excellence awards Finalists 2019

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